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Start a Club or Become a Member

Are you interested in becoming a Wyandot Explorer Member?

Or Can’t find a Wyandot Explorer club near you?

Don’t despair…just start your own! Clubs typically consist of 6 – 12 members and meet at least once a month.

You provide:

  • A minimum of 3 hours commitment per month
  • A location (a local school or even your house)
  • Routine communication with your club members
  • The energy, creativity, dedication and passion to positively influence the lives of kids!

We provide:

  • Start-up training
  • Program guidance
  • Club events to meet and connect with other clubs
  • Ongoing support

If you are interested in starting your own club, please call 614-481-8227 or email at info@campwyandot.org.

To register as a Wyandot Explorer Member, click here.

Wyandot Explorer Club

Purpose: To provide a quality youth development experience that builds competencies and creates positive life-long memories in a safe and supportive environment.

How the Program Works

A Balanced Program: Camp Wyandot’s Explorer Club program has an organized framework for building competencies. The four Explorer Categories provide members with the opportunity to make choices, explore many interests, and develop new skills. The categories are:

  • Community Exploration to help youth learn about all the communities they belong to (camp, local, world etc.), develop compassion and a desire to give service
  • Self Exploration to help youth develop leadership and relationship skills and have a better understanding of how food and fitness effects their health, both physical and mental
  • Environmental and Science Exploration to help youth participate in a progression of nature and outdoor living skills and stimulate interest in science and technology
  • Creative Exploration to help youth explore the arts, stimulate their imagination, and creativity, and develop appreciation and/or presentation skills

Each year the club program will have a new set of activities to explore in each category. Explorer Categories will have requirements for completion. Members will be recognized for their accomplishments in each category and for completion of the entire Explorer Award. To earn recognition in an individual category, a group must complete at least 3 of the 5 requirements. To earn the Explorer Award the group must complete all 4 Explorer Categories (12 requirements).