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Cabins and Facilities

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Camp Wyandot
23834 Clear Creek Rd
Rockbridge, OH  43149



Camp Wyandot is located on over 100 acres of prime nature. Expect hilly terrain and rustic facilities! Be prepared to walk to the cabin and carry whatever you bring to camp with you. Our facilities are considered rustic, which is a step above primitive and below modern. Although few cabins have electricity and plumbing, camper cabins do not. There are bathroom and shower facilities within walking distance.

Camp is located in a valley running North to South divided by Lake Atagahi. On the West side of the lake is Cabin Row and our health center. On the East side are our Advanced Units and the Dining Hall.


Cabin Row



Cabin Row is made up of 12 rustic cabins lined up along the edge of the lake. Most overlook the lake, are open-windowed with screens and have 8 beds. There are two sets of bunks in each cabin and then four additional beds. Those staying in these cabins use our Egypt bathhouse.

During the summer, Cabin Row is typically used for our younger campers. We group them by age (single-gender) and a counselor lives in each cabin with the campers.

Advanced Units

Advanced Units are arranged village style, with a central fire pit. Shawnee and Sioux Units are “Tebins” (cabin-tents) sleeping up to 6 each. They do have roofs and floors but do not have screens or doors but rather have tent flaps.


These cabins do not have electricity or plumbing.

Both of these units do have a community shelter with electricity. Those staying in these units use one of two nearby bathhouses.


Kiowa Unit is compromised of 4 tree houses sleeping 4 each, and a ground level tebin. There is no electricity there or Seneca, a satellite unit made up of two large tebins sleeping 10 each.



Dining Hall

Our dining hall is, what could best be described as a large log cabin. We serve food from a modern kitchen passing all state and

local codes.  It is the hub of energy!We sing songs after meals, communicate important announcements, and will occasionally use the building for other great activities!


Camp is an explorer’s paradise! There are cliffs, caverns, creeks, nooks and crannies to investigate. There is a lake for fishing and a large field for activities.

Bath houses

We have three separate bathhouses.  Egypt serves cabin row and is slated for some remodeling in the near future.  Khru serves the Dining Hall and Shawnee.  Alps serves the remaining units on the advanced hill.

Swimming Pool

Our pool is divided into 3 sections based on depth — 3 ft, 5-6 ft, 9ft.

On the first day of resident camp, each camper does the swim evaluation and receives a wristband for the week to show which section(s) of the pool it is safe for them to swim in. The pool staff decides which cabin groups could truly benefit from swim lessons, which they receive once a day in addition to free swim!




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