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Alumni Weekend at Camp Wyandot

Thanks to all who attended the 2014 Alumni Weekend at Camp Wyandot! Singing songs, sharing stories of camp, making crafts, and celebrating friendships founded in Camp Wyandot was great fun. Thanks to Doc (Margie Dooley) for her amazing efforts to organize the event, and for the tree-planting memorial service for Sally McAlister, Linda Flynn, Vicky Ann Nolan, and Don Jenks. They will be sorely missed.



Alumni and friends of all ages come join us and enjoy a weekend at beautiful Camp Wyandot!

Mark your calendar for the 2015 weekend, August 14-16.

Sleep in your old cabin on cabin row.  Take the long walk to Egypt.  Sing songs in the dining hall.  Join in the Venetian sing.  Bring your family and friends and enjoy the beauty of Camp Wyandot with other Camp Fire alumni. Come by yourself or get a group of Camp Fire friends together and share a cabin.  You will surely meet friends you know. All meals are prepared by our cooks for you.  Come for one meal or stay the whole weekend, Friday night to Sunday breakfast.  Hope to see you there!

Questions?  Ask a question below or contact the office at 614.481.8227 or Nikki Spretnak, nspretnak@gmail.com614-488-8860.  If you need a ride to Camp Wyandot, please contact Nikki Spretnak.

The past  alumni weekends have been fun for all.  See below for pictures.

Alumni Weekend 2011 Pictures



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